Criterion – VI – Organisation and Management

     The college is run by the K.S. Saket College Managing Committee, with representation on it from different sections of society, which makes it an effective participative administration. It offers numerous functionally operative procedures and practices that make its functioning apparently accountable. For all its financial transactions pertaining to the disbursement of grant in aid from the government, Uttar Pradesh government rules are followed while for all academic activities the rule and guidelines of Dr R.M.L.Avadh University are applicable.

      There is an internal audit system in place, besides the regular annual audit of college accounts by the state government auditors and an appointed chartered account of the college which ensures proper expenditure and utilization of funds available to the college from different agencies such as the state government, UGC, and resources generated from its self-financing courses, college revenues and the contribution of the management, if any. The college generated funds to the tune of Rs 25,73,323/- during 2002-2003 and Rs 26,44,914/- during 2004-2005 from self-financing courses. The fees of the college are low and are as prescribed by the affiliating university and as approved by the state government. It has received a generous grant of Rupees fifty lac for the construction of Acharya Narendra Dev Hall and Rs 77.78 lac for the construction of Gymnasium, Hostel and Reading Room during 2002-2005 from the state government besides UGC Developmental assistance of Rs 22,40,328/- for the X Plan period. Unit cost per student excluding salary it is Rs 516/-.

     The auditorium is under active construction and is likely to be completed with all modern seating arrangements, equipment and acoustics within about six months. This will indeed be an asset to the entire area for holding cultural and other events which will also yield some revenue to the college.

       The staff can seek loans as are permissible under its Management rules. There is a Teachers Welfare Fund, which provides help in moments of need.