A Remarkable Journey

          The Department of Chemistry at the K.S. Saket Post Graduate College Ayodhya, Faizabad is one of the premier chemistry departments among the same of various colleges affiliating to Dr. R M L Avadh University, Faizabad. The strength of the department has been and continues to be – the excellence in teaching and research . Since its inception, the department of chemistry is engaged in modern chemistry teaching and research. Today , the department of chemistry is considered as a role model in the affiliating university and also in the state. Under the gifted leadership of our first Head of Department Dr. M. P. Gupta, the department has made remarkable contributions both in academic and research. Dr. Gupta along with a galaxy of faculty members viz. Dr. Ram Wadhwani , Dr. M.C. Saxena put the department on a firm ground in its initial days. Understandably, in a system like this, the most difficult task is to sustain and maintain the steady growth of the department. The sustenance has been successful, as a result of contributions made by the motivated students, dedicated faculty members, and committed supporting staff. We continue to attract good quality of students who contribute to the overall growth of the department.

       The faculty of the department has been recognized for their contribution to teaching and research. The accomplishments of our alumni reflect the high quality of training imparted by the competent and motivated faculty both at the UG and the PG level. The alumni of this department occupy high positions in academia and industry, both in India and abroad.

      Our present academic strength comprises of faculty members (08), 2-Yr M.Sc. students (~50) and Ph.D. students (~04). The department has well equipped laboratories with modern facilities.

      Our department has come a long way with notable achievements in the last 50 years. We are very happy that the college generously supported our department to grow in all these years, and continued to do so under the leadership of Principal, and we hope to received the same in future, as well.

Dr. Meena Srivastava