Available Journals

  •   Journals Related to Science

    Bullelin of the Calcutta Mathe Society
    Asian Journal
    Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec. A
    Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec. B
    Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
    Indian Journal of Plant Physiology
    Journal of Environment of Biology
    Journal of Industrial Pollution
    Pollution Research
    School Science

    Journals Related to Humanities

    Indian Journal of Community Psychology
    Indian Journal of Labour Economics
    Indian Journal of Public Administration
    Indian Journal of Public Administration
    Itihas Darpan
    Psychology and Developing Society
    S.I.S. Journal of Projecting Psychology
    Stratagic Affairs
    Stratagic Digest
    समाज विज्ञान शोध पत्रिका
  • Journals Related to Literature

    Journal of Indian Writing in English
    Language Forum
    आजकल हिन्दी
    आजकल उर्दू

    Journals Related to Education

    Bharteeya Adhunik Shiksha
    Indian Educational Review
    Journal of Educo. Ecology
    Journal of Indian Education
    Primary Shiksha

    Journals Related to Legal Studies

    All India Reporter
    Allahabad Criminal Cases
    Allahabad Law Journal
    Criminal Law Journal
    Law Profiles
    Lucknow Law Times
    Suprem Court Journal (Bound
    Supremecourt cases (Bound)