Criterion – VII – Other Healthy Practices

      Despite its huge enrollment this entire coeducational college offers discipline, amity, cordiality and common approach for its academic goals and balanced growth of its students. It is reported to be free from clashes which otherwise are a regular feature of the present day colleges particularly during students’ election days.

     The NSS, NCC, St John’s Ambulance, Rangers & Rovers units actively participate in the social outreach and other programs of social relevance, responsibility and community orientation.

     At the end of each session the college undertakes annual stock taking of the articles in every department and each broken and defective item/article is repaired or otherwise disposed off. Besides this there is regular white washing of the building every year to keep the ambience of an academic institution intact. Additions and alterations as required are made during the vacation or at the end of the session so as not to disturb the academic schedule of the college. The college offers separate rooms to its departmental heads. It promotes a sense of amity and coexistence among its students and faculty through academic and co-curricular functions.

        The college is fully utilizing its infrastructure to its best advantage and support of its students and is inculcating human values besides academic gains.