Overall Analysis and Suggestions

       The college has been offering higher education facilities to the aspiring young boys and the girls of the backward eastern region of Uttar Pradesh through easy and open access over a long period of time. It has also been accommodating the demand for the introduction of some new courses. This has been a commendable effort despite the ongoing resource crunch. All this makes the college a reputed institution in the area. This has been possible with the guidance of its management, and cooperation of the university, its teachers, students and of course the state government.

       Apparently with its mission of imparting socially relevant education for its students it has miles to go and many more projects to undertake to mobilize additional financial resources to implement the same.

       On the basis of its interaction with the Management, Principal, teachers, non-teaching staff and other stakeholders and on the basis of its visits to the library, laboratories, computer centre, class rooms, sports facilities and the reference to its record of its co-curricular activities and other related financial documents, the Peer Team makes the following suggestions which the college may like to consider :

       As the college offers a good picture of faculty team work and has the promise and potential of taking up fresh academic and professional challenges and initiatives relevant to the area, special attention may be paid to introduction of new interdisciplinary courses which have relevance to emerging occupational patterns and which are region specific; may be they are part-time or regular or of the nature of hobby courses. This has a deep social implication for girls especially.