The library being the focal point of all academic activities of teachers, students and being their only on-campus learning resource centre requires to be suitably strengthened with a significant addition of latest books and journals in all subjects particularly in post-graduate subjects. Regular annual stock checking of books should be ensured so that the loss of books, if any, could be known and replacements of those books, which are reported, lost and are in demand may be procured. Photostat facilities may be provided in the library so that the students and the teachers can take relevant information from the books. User charges may be collected in this regard. The entire acquisition and issue process should be computerized for better management of the library through a dependable and well tried software. On-line internet surfing café be provided to advanced learners and faculty in the library.

       The college should have its own website to give institutional information on academic packages and its vital achievements for the general information of all. All its examination results should be posted on this for the benefit of all students and parents.

      To provide greater connectivity all available (over thirty) computers in the college be interlinked through LAN and all office record be computerized with a retrievable data base for future planning. Even the non-teaching staff should be given training to be computer literate.

     With an increasingly competitive and expanding job market, placement of students would be an important concern. For their guidance and information through expert advice and entrepreneurship development program, a placement cell may be set up.