The students and the staff should be provided health and insurance cover as such through setting up of a first aid room with a part-time on campus doctor and provision of Group insurance. Blood group mapping of the entire college community be done and stored in the shape of a resource bank, which could be retrieved and used in case of a natural disaster or calamity.

       Hobby courses in Communication skills and personality development be introduced so as to enable the girls to shed their cultural lag and become more confident in expressing themselves.

       In the Department of Home Science occasional exhibitions and hobby classes may be conducted to invite social participation of women in activities and programs of the college and also to generate some additional money for departmental growth and augmentation of its amenities.

     Eco club, and clubs for information on AIDS, environment, social rights and duties etc should be constituted for better awareness among the students and society. Even debates, periodic seminars, open hall discussions on matters of current nature and importance may be held more frequently to offer exposure to the students.

      Alumni association may be constituted at the earliest so that those who have gone out of the college are able to contribute to the college to the best of their abilities and affordability after they have settled down in life. This way they will have a sense of belonging towards the institution as well.

      The college infrastructure may be opened for use by the corporate sector so that in return the college gets some revenue for its upkeep.

     The college should have its own canteen to offer cost-effective food and snacks to its students and faculty.

       Lawns in the institution would be an aesthetic marker of its ambience and identity. So these require to be developed and maintained with due care and interest.

       A vision committee may be constituted by the college to workout a perspective plan for the introduction of new add-on, vocational and innovative courses in the colleges. The committee may consist of the Principal, the representatives of the Management, the State Government, the University, Alumni, teachers, experts and a few local notables.

        Internal Quality Assurance Circles be set up to monitor and ensure measures to sustain quality of teaching learning and co-curricular activities in the college.