The teachers do not unitize the teaching with daily teaching plans of courses but plan their teaching in the beginning of the academic session so as to complete the syllabi in different courses in good time before the annual examinations. The college does not conduct any formal talent search in the beginning of the session and also does not offer regular remedial courses for the socially and academically disadvantaged students but its classroom guidance and occasional class tests address these needs to some extent.

       Eligibility to take the final university examinations is stated to be linked to 75 % attendance in the classes. The college faculty tries to take care of this requirement. A number of students who do not fulfill this requirement or are otherwise non-serious drop out. To keep the students informed of this condition, it has been mentioned in the prospectus and those students who fall short of lectures are informed through information displayed on the notice board from time to time by some of the teachers. However, it has not been practically possible for the college to detain the students from taking university examinations on account of non-fulfillment of this eligibility condition in view of the heavy classes. Besides this, some time is also lost in such activities as delayed admissions till the end of September, students’ elections and other functions in the college.