The performance of the students is monitored through occasional class tests and interaction in every session.

      The faculty is permitted to attend Orientation and Refresher courses so as to update their information level and pedagogical inputs leading to their professional enhancement and empowerment. They are also allowed to participate in national and regional seminars and academic workshops for this. A couple of departments have also organized national seminars in their respective areas of academic and social concerns. The Principal, on the basis of their university results, preparation and participation in curricular activities and their contribution to the institution, writes their ACRs. The college plans to introduce the procedure of teachers’ self appraisal and students’ feedback on a pilot scale so as to ensure that the teachers’ accountability is visible and acts as a motivating factor in the entire teaching learning process for improvement of academic standards.

        Due to numerous socio-economic factors drop-out rate of students is a matter of concern for all in the college and calls for analysis so as to prevent wastage of human resource.

         Even the attendance in classes requires proper monitoring as it seems to be a low priority area for which attendance registers should also be more seriously maintained as a matter of record.