Criterion – IV- Infrastructure and Learning Resources

        Spread over an area of sixteen acres of its new campus to which it shifted in 1963, it has fifty one classrooms, adequate number of laboratories for all science subjects, Home Science laboratory, and a hostel consisting of fourteen rooms with two rooms for the warden and four servants’ quarters to cater to the needs of its about twenty students now. It has four well-maintained conference halls for conducting departmental meetings and other activities of academic nature. The college requires more accommodation and physical support system to meet the expanding education related needs of its students and faculty. The available facilities have been developed in phases. It also offers all such facilities as library in which the acquisition is yet to be computerized and which remains open for nine hours a day. In all, it offers hostel, classrooms, laboratories, play grounds etc for its students besides ample accommodation for the office of the Principal, faculty and non-teaching staff in the college. The computer centre with twenty three computers of diverse configurations and varying nature is an added facility, which besides its teaching support handles the work pertaining to the office of the Principal, the administrative staff and students, and also helps impressively other departments. A few other departments too have their own computers. But the entire facility is not in LAN. The laboratories are mutually supportive of the inter-related subject studies.

      Almost all the departments have their own power backups and the campus has its own overhead tank, water coolers, and hand pumps for regular and uninterrupted water supply and power supply for its laboratories and students.

         The athletes are encouraged to participate in games with sports incentives and due coaching. Some of the students especially of the department of Music are also encouraged to participate in cultural activities.