Criterion -V- Student Support and Progression

      The college offers teaching in specified permissible courses and combinations as per guidelines given by the university. There is no formal record of the placements, feedback from students received by the college in respect of its teaching learning continuum.

       However, it has a good reputation of its students having gone to higher field placements and having done well. The meritorious students continue to be offered all help and encouragement by the college in their studies and career placements. Respective subject associations have created in them sustainable interest for further studies. The college has been organizing functions to promote interest in their progression.

        The college is yet to formally constitute its Alumni Association to look back in pride and elicit gainful help in collegiate growth from such of its old students as have done well in life and also to provide them a platform and opportunity for their emotional involvement in their alma mater. It has a Proctorial Board, which besides taking care of the discipline in the college acts as a grievance- redressal agency in the absence of any such formally created forum. It also inculcates a sense of social responsibility and cordiality among its students.

    The college publishes its annual magazine ‘Saket Sudha’ with different sections assigned to give expression to the creative talents of its students and to give an account of all its academic, cultural, co-curricular, extension and social outreach activities. Besides this the college brings out its revised and updated prospectus every year which contains details of information about the eligibility for admissions, examinations, courses and combinations available, attendance rules, hostel accommodation, various cultural and co-curricular activities, fee structure, concessions etc.